Inktober Days 18, 19, 20, and 21

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“There is no sweeter pain than love” A message ready for its bottle.


Mage in training.


Stronger than you think.


Bath time.

Inktober Day 17


Screen Shot 2018-10-18 at 15.19.04.png

Pesky little… No one likes a bug bite.

Inktober Day 15


For today’s prompt ‘weak’ I have chosen to reference a shot from the UFC fight between Conor and Khabib. Neither men are weak by any stretch of the physical imagination, however Connor’s behaviour before the fight showed real weakness of character. Regardless of what happened after the fight and whether it was okay, or worthy of the respective punishments given, the way in which Coner presented himself to me showed real weakness. If the way that you gain followers and success is through bringing other people down, saying disgusting things about their culture, religion, family, and beliefs, you do not deserve any of it. Since I have started following MMA and learning more about the sport, I have gained a respect for the people who I watch fight, and who I see train so hard for what they do and love. It takes a lot to do what these people do, and there is no room for hatred in the picture. This is why my ‘weak’ inktober is a graphic novel style representation of Khabib taking Conor down.


Inktober Day 11/12/13/14



For my combination of days 11-14 I decided to go a piece of art that would act as a visual message as to the damage we have done to our oceans and the limited time we have left to take responsibility and work to prevent any further damage. I would ask everyone reading this to look into the impact that going vegan can have on the planet, and the ways in which a cruelty free lifestyle can positively make an impact in your daily lives for you, the planet, and most of all the animals that are so vital for the survival of our world. Thank you for supporting my work so far.