Inktober Day 11/12/13/14



For my combination of days 11-14 I decided to go a piece of art that would act as a visual message as to the damage we have done to our oceans and the limited time we have left to take responsibility and work to prevent any further damage. I would ask everyone reading this to look into the impact that going vegan can have on the planet, and the ways in which a cruelty free lifestyle can positively make an impact in your daily lives for you, the planet, and most of all the animals that are so vital for the survival of our world. Thank you for supporting my work so far.


Inktober Day 10



For the prompt ‘flowing’ I wanted to do something really simple because I was super tired, but I’m really happy with how it turned out. Simple works.

Inktober Day 9


Who am I kidding? Today’s prompt didn’t require a whole lot of thought as to what I wanted to draw. I won’t bore you all with my annoying love for this man.

Inktober Day 8



For day 8’s prompt I chose to drawn a fallen star from my favourite film Stardust. I wasn’t really happy with this one, but it’s all about progress and checking in every day.

Inktober Day 7


For day 7’s prompt ‘exhausted’ I chose one of my favourite pictures from our first trip to Berlin, an exhausted Hakeem taking a nap on the train back to Leeds. I went for a different style, and I loved it, it’s inspired me to make a start on my own set of illustrations that will have the feel of a graphic novel. It makes it easy having such a brilliant reference, and beautiful model.

Inktober Day 6


Day 6’s prompt ‘drooling’ gave me the opportunity to attempt to draw a face, something I’ve never been good at or really practised all that much. To make it easier I chose a picture of Hakeem with a cloud of smoke in front of most of his face, but doing this has given me the confidence to push myself, and give this face thing a go. This beautiful man will always make me drool.