Today I’m bringing you something different and introducing someone incredibly talented. Here is my interview with the wonderful artist behind Squiggles!


Q1. When did you start Squiggles?

I started Squiggles whilst I was at uni, but under another name! One day I had an epiphany and decided to name myself Squiggles. I always wanted to appear under a character because I really don’t like my real name and I wanted to keep a bit of mystery to myself and my work.

Q2. Where did the inspiration for your current style come from/ what inspires you to draw?

I take inspiration from various places, depending on my mood, what the weather is like, how social I’m being etc. Nature inspires me a lot, there’s so many natural curves in nature and I do become hypnotised by its beauty sometimes. I have always had a fascination with water, swimming was a big part of my life as a child and I’ve always loved being immersed in it.

Other things would be my childhood, growing up I watched A LOT of cartoons, I remember watching them and always wishing I was as beautiful or as cool as the characters on T.V, almost pretending I was them. I always loved the mermaids in Peter Pan the most, they were so sassy and beautiful but utter bitches. I feel like that sums up my style; cute and sweet, but also a bit sarcastic and bitter. I like to create characters that encapsulate peoples’ inner beauty and show off what is really great about them. I love to draw swirling lines because its calming, they remind me of the ocean. Depression is a big motivator for me. Whenever I am too stressed or unable to vocalise how I am feeling, Squiggles speaks instead.

I like to try and take the negative emotions I am feeling and make fun of them. Point out that everyone feels like that sometimes and most people survive. When I am happy, my drawings show that too, I’ve noticed sometimes I’ve forgotten to put tears on the faces, which is one of my trademark styles. When I’m very sad I think you can feel that through my colour palette and I will definitely pick more dark colours.


Q3. When did you find your current style/how long were you drawing before you settled on the Squiggle’s unique style?

Whilst I was at uni I decided I wanted to stop ‘following the rules’ of what art was, and  instead focus more on what came out naturally. No more barriers just free flowing expression, like a child. I took a lot of inspiration from Jean Micheal Basquiat as well as the outsider art brut movement. I loved his use of colours and bold lines, his symbolism and eyes everywhere. It reminded me of when I visited an abandoned asylum and saw drawings all over the walls and crazy writing almost like whispers of ghosts.

Q4. What are your favourite mediums/what do you use to create your art?

These days I create all my work digitally through my iPad pro and the procreate app, but I do enjoy just drawing with biros and watercolour/gouache. I’m just a very messy person and it saves the clean up!

Q5. What messages do you hope people take from your work directed at veganism?

I haven’t made too many pieces that smack you in the face with veganism just as yet, so I hope they just question the word and have a quick google and maybe learn something! But in the future I hope to produce infographics teaching people of the atrocities that the meat and dairy industries bring, and more merch to leave in restaurants etc providing info on how to change!

Q6. What messages do you hope people take from your work directed at mental health?

Most of the time I find it difficult to speak of my struggles, not many people know in real life the issues I go through day to day, and whenever I try to vocalise anything I tiptoe around it in fear of what people might think. I hope they just see that anyone can be successful and achieve their dreams, that everyone is going through something and people should be more mindful.

Q7. What is next for Squiggles?

I’ve just updated my store to include portrait commissions! Let me transform you, your loved ones, and your pets into a squiggles character! And I’ll be adding some new items before Christmas too!

Check out Squiggles Instagram or Facebook for more of her amazing art work, and head to the new Squiggle’s website to stock up on amazing prints and stickers, the perfect Christmas gifts!


What are your thoughts?

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