I haven’t been posting poetry or shorts in a while, and these two fluff balls are part of the reason why. Because I know everyone loves cats, even people who claim to hate them, here are my cats & their back story.

Non-cat related creative writing will be appearing on this blog again very soon. I hope you all stick around to read it!

Kitty Tips from Kiki, Lolly, & Remi



My humans wanted a cat for years, but they couldn’t have one. My mum researched and researched all about cats, everything from bringing them home to cutting their nails, but she had accepted her cat-less future and put her research to one side. One lovely day dad was searching free furniture listings and he called mum over to look at the cutest kitten they’d ever seen. My story before mum and dad picked me up is a little foggy, no one really knows how I ended up with the young girl, or who my cat family were, but that doesn’t matter much to me now.

Once they were almost certain they were going to give me a new home they bought all of the basics to get me to them, and to help me settle once I arrived. With trepidation they made their way to me and picked me…

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