#WriterRecharge Monday Update 4

February came to a very abrupt end and all of a sudden it seems that tomorrow I will be turning 19 – I cannot believe it. Last week I was hit head first by a couple of hurdles which included the worlds itchiest knee (thanks to cheap plasters), and a horrible, horrible cold. However, my knee is slowly reducing in itchiness and my cold seems to be retreating, so I hope that by the end of the week I will be on top form once again.

So, to the goals…

*Write a short story, focusing on quality rather than quantity – As I mentioned last week this has turned into a plan for a novel, and it is looking good. For now my focus is on the sequel to my current published novel, however I will be working on this new idea during any free time I manage to conjure up. – Short stories will be coming soon!

*Write something towards my novel everyday – This I managed to stick to much better this week, and I have rewritten, planned, and scribbled all over it, so it’s looking pretty peachy right about now. There is still a whole lot of work to do, but I am hoping that by the end of the summer it should be ready to hit the shelves.

*Make time to finally finish ‘The Twelve’ – This goal didn’t take off at all, but as I have said previously I have been reading a lot of bloggers’ and twitterers’ work, which has been incredibly fun to do in-between tearing my hair out for my lack of doing anything productive!

*Keep up with University reading/prep work – I have kept up, however I haven’t done everything towards it that I had hoped. This week I have planned to catch up completely and to have all of my notes, case cartoons, and reading done and dusted ready for my next few topics.

*Commit to my yoga practise – Let’s not go there.

*Stay mindful! – Now here is a goal that I am completely happy with. Occasionally I get what I call ‘achey legs’ and there is no amount of pain killers or stretching that I can take or do to help them, however as I was getting ready for bed, knowing full well that if I couldn’t defeat my stupid legs then I would be getting no sleep I decided to try out using mindfulness, but in a bit of a backwards fashion. Rather than focusing on what I was feeling, I instead sang ‘Do You Wanna Build a Snowman’ over and over in my mind, until I fell asleep – and it worked. I suggest this method of pain relief to everyone, it was a sleep saver for me last night!

Writer Recharge has been a great experience and it is something that I am planning on doing for myself every month, setting out some goals and giving myself the time to complete them, rather than rushing to try to get everything done at once. So I give my thanks to the wonderful organisers and all of the writers that partook.

In other news we woke up this morning with no hot water, which means no shower for me, which in turn means no venturing outside. Usually I wouldn’t mind a cold shower, but with having a cold and feeling generally ‘bad’ I think I’ll give it a miss today. Hopefully it’ll be fixed between 5-6pm.

That’s all for now, so spread the love & keep on reading!