Yesterday I did something that should have been done on day one of my novel’s creation –  I made notes on all of my characters and scenes in Corruption, especially focusing on dates.

I sat down to write the sequel to my first novel a while ago and it suddenly hit me, I don’t remember a lot of what happened, where, when and to whom. It was a year ago almost that I finished the novel and I can hardly remember my own name, let alone my characters’ –  an exaggeration, but you get the picture.

I have found myself having to search through my novel to find the small things, like what colour hair did they have? Eyes? Where did they meet the main character? How old are they? Are they an immortal? Are they important? When did this happen?

Now I realise just how important it is to really know your characters, to know where they are in your novel. With my new found knowledge if I could give any advice it would be to make sure you know everything about your character, from where they were born to how they take their coffee – it could crop up, trust me.

This isn’t a problem I find with main characters, if I ever forget anything about Victoria then that’s when I’ll really start to worry, but with writing I find that it’s all in the details. So often when reading sequels, or watching movies or TV series, I’ll notice a character say or do something totally out of character because of something they said in the previous novel, movie, or TV show – all that needed to happen was one simple re-read of scripts and my headache could have been avoided. (Oh Big Bang Theory…)

Sat here with my notebook writing down dates, names, little facts, the lot, I can see why I had so much fun writing it in the first place, and I cannot wait until I can really get started on bringing the sequel alive.

So, make sure that you don’t make my mistake, because it is very annoying – unless you have a super duper memory, then you probably won’t have this problem!

Keep reading, & writing!



What are your thoughts?

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