My First Award – The Lighthouse Award (eee)

As I am really bad at the internet in general I happened across my notation completely accidentally whilst reading some else’s post about their own nomination.

Moving on… I would like to thank the amazing Chris Musgrave for nominating me, from one Englishman (&woman) to another! If you haven’t yet seen his blog and read some of his wonderful work, firstly, where have you been? And secondly, you can find his blog right HERE. You should go do that before you read any more of this post.

Done? Good, we shall continue.

Along with the award comes a set of instructions, and they go a bit like this…

  • Display the Award Certificate on your blog.
  • Write a post and link back to the blogger that nominated you.
  • Inform your nominees of their award nominations.
  • Share three ways that you like to help others.
  • Nominate as many bloggers as you like.


So, to comply with rule one…


How pretty…


Again, if you missed it earlier, here is the link to Chris’s blog CLICK ME.


Now, for my (two) nominations. Here goes nothing…

Susanne Leist, Susanne is a fantastic writer and often posts many inspirational and thought provoking posts and images, one of my first and favourite WordPress blogs.


Steven Fox, Steven is a wonderful blogger and writer,  his posts often add light to my WordPress timeline!

There are so many other bloggers that are inspirational and full of greatness, but to go through them all would take me far too long & I have a lot of work to do (damn human rights!).


Finally, how do I like to help others (3 ways)?

1. I have a soft spot for the elderly, I’ll admit that although they terrify me I am a sucker for an elderly person in need.

2. In high school I would help people with their writing in IT, and if anyone asks me to check things/edit things for them I am always happy to do so.

3. Even though I never tend to know the answer, I like being asked for directions. I don’t know why, I think there’s something satisfying about knowing that you’re helping someone to find their destination, a bit like a human TomTom.

Well, that’s it! Thank you again, Chris, for the nomination. It’s always good to know that my work and posts are appreciated!

I wish you all well, and hope that you have a wonderful day!



#WriterRecharge Monday Update 3

It’s that time of the week again! I’m going to do it a little different today, just to make it easier for me, I won’t lie, so, here is how it all went…

*Write a short story, focusing on quality rather than quantity – Well, this is a little complicated now, as I had started a piece, but I decided to change it and now it is looking more like a novel than a short story from what I have of it. However, I have found an old piece that I will be rejuvenating and hopefully sharing with you very soon.

*Write something towards my novel everyday – I suppose due to my ambiguity on this one, I can say that I have achieved it this past week, as I have technically written towards it, in view of writing it. I have tweaked the first novel a little to make it more accessible to those who judge books on the first few pages, and I have been making detailed plans for the sequel. Rather than focus on word count I have decided instead to write up a plan for each individual chapter, and to set myself an outcome that will lead nicely into the third and final book.

*Make time to finally finish ‘The Twelve’ – This has not happened, and let’s face it, it won’t be happening in the next few days. Soon I have three weeks off so I hope to finish that and many others over the break!

*Keep up with University reading/prep work – This has been a work-in-progress. I have made myself a flexible time table and if I stick to it this week then I should be all caught up and on track for another round of firsts.

*Commit to my yoga practise – Okay, okay, I’ll admit, I haven’t really tried too hard with this one, BUT my Davina DVD is coming out again, and I have a plan in the works in regards to exercise, yoga included.

*Stay mindful! – This is my only goal that I have stuck to completely, and it has been my favourite. It has been hard at times, but getting back to what is happening around me and using it as a way to conquer my feelings of self doubt – which there has been a lot of this week  –  has been greatly rewarding and worth the time I take out of my day to refocus myself.

There were times this week when I was ready to give up, to scrap everything that I have worked for these past couple of years, but with a little encouragement from my darling fiancé I was able to see past the negatives that seem to be throwing themselves into my path, and now, with a little more resolve, I am going to conquer the world head on, whether they like it or not!

Good luck with your own goals, and I will see you on the 28th!

Spread the love & keep on reading!


Spectacular Graduation Parade, Harrogate Army College

DSC00413 copy 1

Yesterday hundreds of nervous and excited family and friends of the men and women of the Waterloo, Alamein, and Burma companies filled the stands at Harrogate Army College looking out onto the parade square. The grey sky promised rain, but the atmosphere within the square was unbendable. A voice called out from the speakers behind each stand and told us what we were about witness. After twenty minutes of murmuring and anticipation the distant sound of the parade band could be heard, and silence caught the crowds.

Before long the band led the parade of over four hundred young men and women out into the parade square, excitement washed over the stands and each spectator gripped the edge of their seats as they desperately tried to pick out their junior soldier.

The band played wondrously, their skill beyond all, from the ‘Family Guy’ theme tune to Gustav Holt’s ‘Jupiter’. Calls from the platoon commanders rang throughout the square and the junior soldiers reacted with disciplined and timely synchronisation. An inspection took place and the young men and women stood, weapons in hand, waiting, unmoving, for the next call.

Soon after, the true parade began and we cheered as the junior soldiers made their way around the square, each platoon stopping before the stands giving the spectators just enough time to pick out their JS. Cheering, crying, and shouts of joy rang out from the stands as they passed. Some soldiers passed their eyes over the crowds, small smiles playing on their lips as they saw their loved ones, many others remained straight faced, disciplined right until the end of the parade.

Awards were given to those young men and women of distinction, those who had shown great improvement, or promise for an extraordinary military career, before one young man accepted the privilege of leading the parade out of the square.

Once the parade square was cleared the spectators filtered out of the stands and made their way into the gymnasium to collect photographs, DVDs, and to await the return of their junior soldiers. It was in there that I stood, along side my mum, in a queue for the  penultimate photograph of JS TW Hardie’s time at Harrogate, when I saw my brother walk through the doors, red faced and tired. Waving over the mass of people he smiled as he met my pride filled eyes and found his way through the expectant spectators. Dad, and then mum, took him into their arms, before he turned to me – I of course received the best hug of all, being his most treasured big sister.

The men and women of Harrogate Army College, civilian and military staff, have worked tirelessly to ready the next generation of the British Army, and they have done, are doing, and will continue to do our nation proud through their work with the junior soldiers. Now, as the junior soldiers of intake 32 and 33 move onto their phase two training, I wish them all the best of luck with this next step, and in their future military careers.

#WriterRecharge Monday Update 2

Good Monday morning everyone!

When I woke up I didn’t know that it was Monday, so I received a great shock seeing #WriterRecharge updates on my homepage.

So, a lot has changed since last week. Again, the yoga has yet to take off, but I have a session planned for when I get back from university tonight, and I plan to hold myself to it.

A little note on the side – I have grasped the basics of Twitter and find myself with a small, but amazing, following, so I am a happy writer at the moment. If you have Twitter give me a follow @bethaniehardie

The short story, again, is taking its time, but it will be worth it – hopefully. My novel on the other hand is coming along brilliantly, everyday I have written towards it, I’m not a  word counter so I couldn’t say how much I have done, but I’ve got a good three chapters out of the way.

Mindfulness has been helping A LOT, whenever I find myself wandering I pull myself back and focus on here and now. It has made for a productive week, minus university work. Unfortunately that seems to have taken a back seat, but I will have to bring it forward in my list of priorities if I want to pass this year. As for reading, I haven’t done any reading of any type of book, legal or otherwise, which will change this week. I have been reading extracts of my Twitter people’s works, so I suppose that has to count for something?

In regards to my goals, that’s about it. In other news I have two amazing new book covers that I am working on and they are looking really good, to me at least. They won’t be revealed until I release ‘The Hunted’, which is looking to be towards the end of the Summer. Giving me from the end of my exams in May to early August to get it to its end point. Also, something that I mentioned last week – the internship, it wasn’t exactly what I expected, but it might work. I have decided, however, that I am going to focus on creating my own articles, and my own ‘brand’, if you will. So, I’m currently saving up for a website, which again, is exciting!

How have you all been going with your goals? Do you feel recharged? I sure do!

See you next Monday for my next #WriterRecharge update!


#WriterRecharge Monday Update

Good morning everyone, what a miserable Monday morning it is here over in England. So, as it is Monday it is time to review my #WriterRecharge goals.

Last week was crazy mainly because my university time table was temporarily changed up, but this week things should calm down and work a little more to my advantage. All of this aside I did manage to remain calm and kept to my mindful goal as well as I could! Staying mindful has helped me a lot recently, it is a goal that I hope to continue to hit long after February.

Due to the craziness of last week my writing was put on hold. I did manage to write a little for my novel everyday, it was only a line or two every now and again, but it’s starting to look a little more like a novel now. The short story on the other hand has yet to happen, but last night I did have a good planning session before I retired to the sofa, and I should have it complete *fingers crossed* before the end of the month!

I have yet to start reading the Twelve from where I left it months ago, and it isn’t looking good from where I am sat. I think perhaps I was a little too ambitious to think that I could read a fictional novel whilst knee deep in law textbooks. But, as I am no quitter, I will try my damnedest!

Yoga… let’s come back to that next week, shall we.

My first week hasn’t gone completely to plan, but it will get better. Plus, a little something exciting happened a day or two ago! I was offered an internship writing for an online magazine! I have my first meeting with the editors and writing team on Thursday so will make sure to update you with that when I get home – doors are opening bloggers, they are opening!

Spread the love & keep on reading!